What we do

Highbury Opera Theatre was created in 2011 by a group of committed musicians, dramatists, artists and educators, to bring exciting performances of contemporary music, staged with the help of a mixture of professional artists and the talents of the community, to inspire and entertain local audiences.

It is led by acclaimed conductor and education specialist Scott Stroman; voluntarily run by local musicians, dramatists, educators and other enthusiasts; and is working in partnership with Islington’s Union Chapel, Eclectic Voices, performers and musicians from local schools and the Highbury community.

Since our inception in 2011, we've mounted four large-scale productions, featuring actors and musicians from our local area and beyond. Our casts feature professionals, post-graduate students, adult amateurs, and local schoolchildren. We are proud to be a local opera company run by and for the local community around us.


Our next project will be mounted at our home, Highbury's Union Chapel, in September 2017. Featuring a large cast of adults and children, professional and amateur, it tells a story at the heart of Highbury's identity. More details coming soon!


Highbury Opera Theatre is supported by PRS for Music Foundation. For more information on how PRS for Music Foundation supports live music, please visit their website: www.prsformusicfoundation.com.

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Bringing young people, adults and professionals together to make music in Highbury, North London.