Tobias and the Angel

Operas that do something different are always exciting, and in their first official production, Highbury Opera Theatre have displayed all the right morals. They bring together professionals and non-professionals and heavily involve children, and this church opera was ideally suited to their forces.

(Billy Hylton, Bachtrack)

Production Dates:

3rd & 4th October 2012, The Union Chapel


Composer Jonathan Dove

Conductor Scott Stroman

Director Louise Radinger

Assistant Music Director Sarah Wilkinson



Tobias Nicholas Allen

Raphael Michael Harper

Tobit Denver Martin Smith

Ashmodius Robert Gildon

Anna Kathy Taylor-Jones

Edna Catherine Rogers

Sara Siobhain Gibson

Raguel Julian Alexander Smith


Tobias and The Angel by Jonathan Dove was Highbury Opera Theatre's debut production at The Union Chapel in 2012. The story sees young Tobit of Nineveh and Sara of Ecbatana both praying for their suffering to end. Tobit’s father has been blinded and can no longer work, and Sara is cursed, meaning her husbands keep dying. An angel guides Tobias to Sara, and after a spiritual enlightenment, the young man is able to hear the songs around him. Tobias marries Sara, frees her from the curse, and even cures his father’s blindness.


The production brought together local singers from Eclectic Voices and Highbury Youth Choir to form the chorus, which sang alongside eight professional soloists.


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