Highbury Opera Theatre was formed in 2011 by a group of musicians, dramatists, artists and educators, to stage performances of music with a mixture of professional artists and the talents of the community, to inspire and entertain local audiences. 

Thanks to all of you who supported our fundraising Gala and Auction - both in person and online. We'll have an update on the money raised as soon as we can.  

HOT is led by conductor and education specialist Scott Stroman; voluntarily run by local musicians, dramatists, educators and other enthusiasts; and is working in partnership with Islington’s Union Chapel Eclectic Voices and a wide range of other local and school groups. So far, through a combination of volunteer support, regular fundraising concerts, generous 'friends' and sponsorship, we've mounted three large scale performances, all involving performers and musicians from local schools and the Highbury community, and all made available to local schoolchildren free of charge.